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Guitar Hero

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The band started in a convoluted way. I had been playing Guitar Hero and thought, this is ridiculous: I spend so much energy on a pretend guitar even though I hadn’t really touched a real guitar for close to a decade. Anyway, I enjoyed playing the pretend riffs and it got me curious about the kind of real guitars available in the market. I went online and saw this. Always wanted a Jaguar. Plus it came with humbuckers, which I wanted but are normally found on the Jazzmaster. And it’s black.

After some deliberation, I bought it. Naturally, I wanted to record the guitar, so I started to dig out some of my unfinished songs, neither played in Silverspy nor Suchness, my earlier two bands. I liked the tone. I learned how to use Logic. Did two tunes, before I realised that it would probably be more fun doing this as a band.

Haven’t touched Guitar Hero since.

(Write if you want to buy the game off me. Actually got two guitars. Both wireless. One was a gift. XBOX 360.)


Written by Noel

May 26, 2009 at 3:45 am

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