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There’s this tune that I have been meaning to complete. It started when I first discovered Red House Painters. If anything, it should give you an idea of how old the song is. It’s not complete. All it has is a riff and some structure of progression. I find myself playing this a lot, even though it has no ending. I would mumble through the parts that is supposed to have some singing, but otherwise, it has largely remained incomplete. With the two completely new songs now (more or less) in the bag, I thought I would tackle this old friend of a song.

It started off innocently enough. Me writing the words to my mumbles. Then the second verse came along and I began to sing something else. I thought it was better, but you can never be sure, especially when it’s new. So I tweaked it a little and see if I could fit it in with the original tune. Before I knew it, a third tune came from the same chord progression. It became obvious to me then that these were three distinct vibes, belonging to three different songs. They could not belong to the same narrative. So I was left in a quandary. Do I simply write the words to the melody I had been playing along to for years? Or do I go with something newer, fresher, but probably not as faithful to the spirit of the song?

Revisiting an old song is like wearing an older set of clothes. Size aside, they do not fit, look awkward and feel misrepresentative.


Written by Noel

July 20, 2009 at 12:32 am

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