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Brian suggested we try somewhere else other than 3FX, which was getting to be a bit much with the stairs. The other studio is just on the next street. It’s called shiinstudio and it’s only on the 2nd floor. The place is pretty spartan. You are greeted with no real furniture of any kind, except for a desk and a chair. The chap minding the place was friendly enough, making sure the A/C was cold enough for me. (It wasn’t really.)

The room isn’t very big, and that’s good. Everyone could hear everyone this time around, because we don’t need to turn up our amps very loud. The room was also brightly lit, which meant we could look at each other, smile, nod and wink. (Ok, there wasn’t any winking.) If this sounds like the perfect room, well, it sure sounded like it. For the first time, the recording came out sparkling clear. It’s not Steve Albini. But it was certainly good enough as reference. We could finally hear the parts of the songs properly.

Bye bye 3FX. Not fixing the sputtering, barely breathing air-conditioner didn’t help.


Oh, we also started with a new, older song I wrote in college. It was always just two verses and a chorus. The lyrics aren’t fully written yet, but we took a stab at it anyway. Quite like how Alien Invasions turned out. Reminded me of Velvet Crush when everyone was playing along to it. Seems refreshing to do something relatively straightforward for once.


Written by Noel

July 29, 2009 at 12:51 am

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