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Debut Gig: Keeping It Peel!

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Keeping_it_Peel3 More sleeps to our first gig! Okay, we’ve been busy rehearsing our set, and also getting our photos taken just so we can.. be sort of a band. Like you have to do band things before you can call yourself one.

So anyways, a debut gig’s always an exciting step forwards for a band. For starters, it’s months of hard work, writing songs and rehearsing them so they sound just right. Sure, we won’t be a finished product, but your first gig is how I imagine a birth to be. Not that i’ve had babies, but y’know..

Anyways, we play the Prince Of Wales, Thursday October 8 at 9pm. We play a mean set of 90’s inspired Brit-Rock. Well, that’s how I describe it, it’s really just alternative rock, there’s just so many different substyles.

If you’re coming down, let us know on the Facebook events page!


Written by brian leery

October 5, 2009 at 3:14 pm

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