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Preparing a demo (sort of)

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After the last gig, a friend of mine who works at Zouk asks if we wanted to play ZoukOut. Of course, we would. He asked for audio recordings of our songs. Problem is, we don’t have any. The plan was always to gig what we can to hone our set, and then go to a studio. So the week had been spent putting together what we can on my home computer. It sounds all right so far, I just wish I had a subwoofer, because the HS50M‘s really lack in bass. It makes monitoring near impossible.

We’re going with three songs: It’s Always Summer, One Live Baby, Unlike Other Guys.

Hopefully these three songs would be enough to get us a gig; if not, it’s a good exercise for us anyway. Apparently most places need a demo these days before you’re allowed to play. Maybe it’s because we have so many bands in Singapore these days, that it helps to filter things a little. It was different in the 90’s. Probably because there weren’t as many bands then, or that bands weren’t ever really expected to bring in a crowd.

I suppose it’s the latter. Coz then we didn’t have BayBeats.


This is the latest logo, and probably the one we’re gonna stick with. It’s done by Joanne Tay, who some may know to be Little’s girlfriend. Anyway, they celebrated their 10 years anniversary as a couple a few weeks ago.


Written by Noel

October 23, 2009 at 5:11 pm

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