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The +65 Indie Underground Gig

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Last night was probably the most fun I’ve had playing in awhile. I mean, I have fun playing most gigs, but there’s something raw, brazen and cavalier about the music that we play, that I haven’t unleashed in all my years of playing music. Maybe it comes from over-worrying, but with this band, I’m never worried too much. I doubt it’s complacency, but the general chemistry of just doing something great with folks I’ve met relatively recently. So yes, thanks to the band, and all you folk who came down to listen to our music, and show your support!

Another high point was of course playing at The Espy again. As always, I am impressed with the level of commitment from their crew, and humbled by their dedication. I think the pride they take in their work, naturally rubs off to the bands that play.. forces us into a high gear state of professionalism. *heh*

I also need to find longer cables or get a wireless system if I am to keep up certain “stage antics”. Since I don’t sing, I have to find other ways to show I’m having fun. Hahahahaahahahahahaha. -/

It was also good seeing Interlude perform, who are made up of members from ex-Livonia and ex-Liquid Stardust. In important news, I hear there might be a Livonia reunion gig happening soon! But I shall leave Robin to spill the beans on that. *grin*

And lastly, thanks to Little and Typewriter for organising this gig to begin with. Much love goes out to everyone who made this possible! And all this is in support of the +65 Indie Underground music compilation, that tracks Singapore’s indie music from the past decade! Important years that laid the foundation for today! Go get your copy nao!

Picture source: Pat Chng


Written by brian leery

February 6, 2010 at 10:56 am

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