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6 Reasons To Catch Shelves Live @ BluJaz Cafe

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Greetings, lover of the carpenterous contraption that organises the many artifacts of goodwill in your life. I present you with six distinctively different reasons why you should ditch your current Friday plans (or date), and instead, make plans to catch this band play at the Blu Jaz Cafe, Tomorrow (Fri), 16 Jul 2010, 10PM

1. You are married to one of the band members, except the bassplayer (Proceed to supplementary point A)

2. Your current taste in music is terrible, so you can ask the drummer what the band’s influences are and prepare to get schooled in the fine tastes of noisy, guitar-driven rock.

3. Attempt to get a free beer by coming up to one of us and congratulating us for a set well played, before or after we’ve played.

4. You have always wanted to stage dive, but were too afraid to ask.

5. You received the ransom note from us, that your daughter will be released after we’ve finished our set and our manager will meet you in the back alley to go through with the transaction. Come alone, don’t go to the cops. If we see even one glint of blue, you’ll never see her again.

6. You have no friends.

Supplementary Point A: You happen to fancy awkward, slightly neurotic + geeky individuals who are below average height but above average wit and intellect. We’re not promising anything, except the fine art of conversation.

That. Is. All.

update: This social media network, Facebook, is awesome. You can create an event, even get people to RSVP if they’re coming for the gig! 17 people said they’d be coming!!! Terribly excited! That means 17 people will be there!!! Quick RSVP here! –> !!! HERE !!! <–


Written by brian leery

July 15, 2010 at 11:27 pm

Posted in Gigs

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