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Feeling Kind of Blu Jaz

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There is nothing jazzy or jazz-like about Shelves. Perhaps maybe the improvisation bit, but that happens when we can’t remember our parts. (How am I kidding? We’re brilliant!) The night was marred by the lack of a soundman and a poor PA setup. Vocals stayed muffled throughout the gig, which forced to me to sing louder than necessary. I would not know this until I saw the video attached to this post.

Otherwise it was grand. Friends came. Took over the seats left by the earlier customers, who all left when they realised the third floor was going to be about bands they had never heard of playing music very loudly. We did ten songs, including a new one, “Stars Alright,” written over a decade ago. I think it was when MTV first came to Asia; I’m guessing this because MTV features in the lyrics.

Props to Basement In My Loft who put the whole thing together. They remain an inspiration.

Brian’s feeling it.

Shelves – (She Wakes Up To) The Beat


Written by Noel

July 27, 2010 at 2:56 pm

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