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Shelves + You And I Collide + Monster Cat [GIG]

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Excited to be playing at Home Club again. Quite possibly our favourite venue. Not that we’ve played many venues. Below is the description of the gig from their webpage. Also, keen to watch You And I Collide and Monster Cat. Both very “now.” What a line-up. We play first at 9PM. So come early. Then stay for Beat! later.


Definition – The state or fact of remaining the same one or ones as under varying aspects or conditions.

I-den-ti-te aims to bring on different genres of local bands into a gathering experience. Always acting as a platform to escalate new and young talents, going forth, branding music capabilities. A new series of programming will entice freshness and depth in accordance to awareness within the local music scene. Be it, from the roots of Punk and Hardcore or the progression of Post rock and IDM to the commercial value of Pop or the swinging beats of Jazz. These series of pure friendship and music will fill your needs on every other Friday evenings at Home Club. An introduction of what dreams are made of.

A growing brand among the local music scene, the team has churned and discovered new talented acts like Jerlinn, Nick Chim, Long Night, Cockpit Winterhalter, Love jets, Vargus Pike Band and Automobil along with your current usual suspects of Plainsunset, The Bois,IAMDAVIDSPARKLE, ATC, Silhouette, Kate Of Kale,Paris in the making, The Marilyns, Caracal, Unvisual, Dualtone amongst others. Some regional/intenational acts have graced our nights like Berantakan and Man Under Zero Effort (KL), Kill The Apprentice (AUS), Madonna(AUS) David Knight(US) and Arigato, Hato!(PHI), Godstep(INDO) Identite nights represent that love and respect that we all have for our local music scene. Come and enjoy your evening with us and communicate with and about music.

24th June 2011, Friday 18 and above.
$12 (includes a housepour drink and entry to BEAT! after)


Epic melodies of Big Star delivered with Pavement’s insouciance.
Noel Yeo (Silverspy/Suchness), Mel Ho (Suchness) and Robin Chua (Livonia) team with Brian Leery (Leeson) for songs of love and heartache––and one about the weather.
Power pop never felt this urgent.

For more info, visit them at

You And I Collide

Since their formation in late 2009, YOU AND I COLLIDE have been writing music, recording cheap demos and getting them to reach new listeners everyday. Drawing influences from the almighty Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World, their music will always remind you that sing-along punk rock anthems and catchy head-bobbing tunes are still the way to go today. They will commence recording their debut full-length album some time in mid 2011.

Collide with them here,

Monster Cat

Born out of frustration, MONSTER CAT is a reaction to a culture of shackling life templates and suffocating social expectations.
An avalanche of questions, doubts and personal fears was the breeding ground for their debut release, Mannequins. With their own brand of mangled folk-rock that drifts from haunting and gentle to driving and cathartic, MONSTER CAT takes great pains to craft songs that reveal more with each listen.

Their debut Mannequins is available now for both digital and physical purchase at


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June 24, 2011 at 12:51 am

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