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For the Record

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The format for the album was something we talked about early on. There doesn’t seem to be value in legacy media such as DVD or CD. We wanted the music to exist on something you want to value. Something that could not be replicated. Vinyl seems to be the way to go.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a record player. Almost all vinyl records these days come with a unique code so you could download the entire album on high quality MP3. So whether you buy a CD or a record, the end result is the same, you’re going to have the album on MP3 on your iPhone or iPod. Except with a record, you end up with something a bit more special. Hardly anyone throws away vinyl. Not so with CDs. They just aren’t as cool a souvenir to keep.

That’s the logic, and that’s why we will be releasing our debut album on vinyl only.*


 Pro-ject Debut III Turntable playing test pressing of our album.




*We reserve the right to change our minds. Maybe we’ll also release on cassette. Or 8-track. Or be facetious and go with a MiniDisc. That’d be annoying. Always surprised how much mileage that format got. I mean, how many early adopters who also happen to jog could there be in the world? Maybe it was the colours. Or the steel. I liked the steel cases. Certainly looked better than most portable CD players. You remember that anti-skip memory feature on CD players? 12 seconds. Then 20 seconds. More and more RAM. It was rubbish. You couldn’t even walk with a CD player. The constant jerking wouldn’t give it a chance to read the data in the first place. Doesn’t matter how much memory you got. All this tech, foiled by walking. Walking!!!


Written by Noel

February 15, 2012 at 1:49 am

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