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First show of 2012 is a blast. Fun times with Cashew Chemists and TypeWriter. It’s also the first time our LP is made available for sale. Sort of a pre-launch sale release. Also, most of us haven’t played at or been to the University of Singapore for a while, so that was nice. It’s a beautiful campus.

Look, it’s our LP on sale! I cancelled out “Limited Edition USB” because it wasn’t yet available. Instead we sold posters that came with the full album as a download. In the end, we gave the poster to everyone who bought the vinyl.

The sound wasn’t ideal to be honest, but that’s probably because of the open air acoustics. The folks who ran the sound however were very helpful and accommodating. Top people. You see that Orange amplifier there? I wished I had known about it. Instead I used a Marshall, which for some reason never sounds very good with my Jaguar.

During soundcheck I got a nasty electric shock on my lips. Out came the mic sponge I only bought a few days before. Essential.

Mel’s Gibson sounded great as usual. Do you know his guitar was white?

True to form, Brian’s bass signal disappeared during the set again. This time though it wasn’t from jumping about. Or at least I don’t think. My peripheral vision isn’t that good.

Robin plays face melting drums.

Peculiar to the Radio Pulze Live Lounge format is an onstage interview that happens after 15 minutes. We talked about Brian’s coming 30th birthday and how we are going to gift him.

We had more fun then we thought we would. The people from Radio Pulze was incredibly helpful and gracious. We even enjoyed the media interview session that followed. It’s just nice that someone’s thinking or caring about music in Singapore. In any case, this marks a great start to our so-called LP launch tour. Next one, Mosaic Music Festival 2012!

All photos courtesy of Joseph Tan.


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March 10, 2012 at 4:51 pm

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