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Shelves x LOMO

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I bought my first LOMO LC-A Camera in 1998. I was intrigued by the idea of accidents and the lack of control. The only other person I knew who had a LOMO was Little Ong. (Together with Melvyn Lim, they would later found Singapore’s first LOMO Embassy.) We would shoot what we can to the bemusement of others, who were surprised we were shooting on film. This was pre-hipster era.

So it’s with great pleasure when we learnt that Lomography Singapore was interested to work with us. The idea is to create possibly the world’s first music video created exclusively with LOMO cameras. (UPDATE: Not anymore! Uncovered music video by Beach Party for a song called “Water.”)

One of the many cameras used: the new 35mm hand-cranked movie camera, LomoKino.

We are excited to see how the film will turn out. It probably wouldn’t be what we have in mind. This is LOMO, after all! But we know what we’ll gain will be special, something we can call our own, something authentic to the experience.

Now it’s 2012. We are releasing our debut album on vinyl. Maybe we aren’t so far from where we were before. Still believing in the sanctity of the analog, the organic, and the irreplaceable.

Director Rayner Lim (The Pigeonhole) who made all of this possible. Thank you.


Written by Noel

March 11, 2012 at 3:10 am

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