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The Beat (She Wakes Up To) Music Video Plus Some Thoughts of March 2012

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Well, we’ve doggone done it now! I was asking Cher whether a still of the band with faces, or a still of our walky feet was more appropriate, and she kindly suggested the walky feet. I’m inclined to agree since the picture evokes a journey still being walked. So I’ll be taking this chance to talk about the music video and later, some thoughts about what March meant to us.

First up, you can press play below, kick back to a good stereo system and watch this music video, shot on glorious film!

Now, we really need to thank Rayner Lim, our director, who conceptualised, shot and edited the entire thing together. This would never have happened without his tenacity and brilliant inspiration to shoot it entirely on film and lomo cameras. It could be a world first, we’re not too sure yet how we’re gonna be allowed to call it as such, but we’re still very very stoked to be able to have a music video that’s pure analog while looking so awesome!

And next up, to Lomography Singapore, for believing that our music could work and their very generous support, loaning us a whole suite of cameras and film to shoot with. From the Lomo LC-A+, Lomo Spinner and Lomo Kino, our director was spoiled for choice of what to use and when! And then they come along for our film shoots, happily snapping away with their own personal Lomos simply for the pure joy of it! Their support goes out so much that you see them at our gigs, walking with us every step of the way toward producing this video! I’d say big ups to such a cool group of folks, but I think that might be a gross understatement.

So it’s been a massive March for the entire band. We played four shows in March, one on almost every week and we have loads to be thankful about!

From the generous hospitality of the NUS Radio Pulze Group where we played alongside Cashew Chemists & Typewriter, Esther from the Esplanade who put together our show for the Mosaic Music Festival alongside Nick Chim, followed by Identite 5.5 at Home Club where Obedient Wives Club graciously played with us, and Amir, true to form is just one of the best gig organisers around, and finally, to cap it all off, the Pigeonhole, where Rayner works and owns, and we played with Hushhouse and Penpusher, both of which are bands of band members, and features friends of such band members. I know I’m just listing names and places, but each of them really means a lot to us. We would have had no launchpad to put this album out. And there are so many names we haven’t listed yet, so many who’ve worked behind the scenes, come for our shows, supported us, encouraged us, told their friends about us, written about us.

We didn’t do anything to deserve any of this, but everyone’s been so forthcoming and I think we’re all grateful. I’d say, just seeing everyone come together, was one of the greatest successes, up there when we first held that record in our hands, but it’s this community that magnified that experience from this band of comebacks!

As Robin mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve still got a couple more gigs lined up from April, and we’re working on another music video that’s gonna be awesome, and we’ll just keep doing what we do! Launch month may have ended, but SHELVES in the public domain, I think another adventure is about to ensue.

So thank you for reading! Even that means something to us, you mean something to us, we couldn’t have done it without you.



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April 1, 2012 at 8:18 am

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