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5 Prodding Questions with Kenny Leck of Books Actually

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Books Actually is the first place that sold our Shelves LP and for that we’re eternally grateful. (We loved telling our friends that Books Actually now carry Shelves!) We ask owner Kenny Leck five questions about music so we, and maybe our readers, can understand him a bit better.

Someone makes a movie about you. What is the opening song?

Pearl Jam’s Low Light

If you could go back in time and revisit any concert you’ve seen, which concert would you catch again?

Beyond, Live & Basic concert on 8th June 1996. Happened on my b’dae but too much things were happening at home for me to even think of going.

Which musician, dead or alive, would you have loved to walk into your store and ask for a discount? Would you give it?

Eddie Vedder. Nope, everyone is equal in the bookstore.

Suppose for some weird reason you could only hang a record on your grave. No further explanation. Which record would that be?

Beyond’s Arabian Dancing Girl LP , this is the ebay link for it.

Who is your favourite Beatle?

George Harrison

This is the first of a series of interviews with the kind folks carrying our LPs in their shops. Available at $30. Includes MP3 album download and free poster. Feel it in your hands. Stroke a cat. Go support!


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July 11, 2012 at 4:24 am

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