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The Pigeonhole Benefit Gig

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The Pigeonhole, whom we owe a lot to, will be closing down end of this month. The slightly older among you will remember another indie cafe that also had to close about six years ago. Cafe Cosmo along Amoy Street. (Coincidentally, I would bump into Ray from Cosmo over the weekend––and I never see him. We were both with our families to see S.E.A. Aquarium. I digress.)

We owe a lot to the Pigeonhole. They were one of the first retail places that carried our LPs. Rayner Lim himself directed our first music video, shooting a large part of it behind the cafe itself. We played in total four and half shows at the Pigeonhole, the most Shelves has ever played anywhere. Half, because the benefit show was just me. Robin was busy preparing for his Christmas show. Mel had fallen ill. Brian is a bassist. Haha. Maybe it’s four and a quarter shows.


Of the four songs, two are pre-Shelves: “(Have You Seen) Elizabeth Lately” and “Every Boy Will Have His Time.” Video by Little Ong of fFurious.


Written by Noel

December 23, 2012 at 8:01 pm

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